Mastering Spirituality Leadership 

Small Group Retreat

Whitefish, Montana

July 30th - August 5th, 2022





Small Group Retreat

Whitefish, Montana

July 30th - August 5th, 2022

What To Expect
What's Included
The Venue

Meditating in Montana

Hey Friends,

We are going back to one of the most beautiful spots in the United States, Whitefish, Montana!

I can say with confidence that this is the most beautiful retreat center I've ever used, and it is completely sold out every year, so we are super fortunate to be bringing a group back here. 

This small group retreat will be focused on helping you develop your spiritual awareness and confidence as a leader, healer, teacher, coach, content creator, or entrepreneur. 

The best part for me with these retreats is not just the inner work , that of course will be profound, but the network and connections that happen. You may make some new best friends for life. 

Whether you are an aspiring leader in some form or it's your career, this retreat will help you ground your energy for 7 days, into who you are truly meant to become in this lifetime.


We will be right outside Glacier National Park at the Dancing Spirit Ranch, where we will be meditating, doing some light yoga, eating phenomenal food, relaxing, hiking, working on our individual projects, and learning to enjoy life again.

*There will even be special audio and video gear on this retreat with an incredible background for anyone who wants to spend some time creating content. 

This retreat is for nature lovers. We will be connecting with the land, soaking in the summer sun, and lightly hiking the property and the national park.


*Covid concerns.

We don't know what the Covid landscape will look like in July, but as of right now we will ask that every participant either brings proof of vaccination, or takes a Covid test within 72 hours of arriving to the retreat. If you're not comfortable with that then please don't sign up for this retreat.

This could change when the retreat gets closer, but for right now this will be the policy.

Also, because of the unpredictability of Covid, we will allow full refunds up until March 15th, 2022.



Are You Ready?

Are you craving a tranquil space to heal and realign with your heart?

Are you ready to shift your energy?

Would you like to be around a group of powerful leaders and creators, working on your own projects with an abundance of space and inspiration?

Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level with a grounded, conscious focus?

Then come sit with us in the healing mountains of Northwest Montana!


 What to Expect

When you come on the retreat, expect to let go of the responsibilities of your everyday life, and create space for yourself to dive deep into your meditation practice.

A retreat is what you make it, and if you want to spend the entire retreat in silence meditating, you are welcome to. If you want to make life-long friends, interact, and have a hands on experience, you are welcome to do that.

However you decide to approach the retreat, you can be sure to find a safe space to explore your innermost being, be comfortable, eat well, and take a step towards awakening your spiritual potential.


What's Included


Teachings From David & Guests






Cooking Class

Painting Class


National Park Entrance

Airport Pick Up

*You are welcome to bring any non-perishable food items for yourself

Not Included:
Travel Costs


The Cedar House

This four bedroom, three and a half bath cabin is built on the far shore of the large 14-acre pond. It has natural cedar siding and a long porch facing the water. It also has a private lawn on the water’s edge. The bedrooms have a variety of bed types and two have en-suite baths. Three bedrooms are on the second floor and the master is on ground level. There is a full kitchen and dining area. The living room is surrounded by windows on three sides, providing excellent views at any point of your day, and has a brick fireplace to keep things cozy.

 The Cedar House is near the ranch gate and is a few minutes walk from the main ranch compound. The Cedar House is a perfect oasis for a family or group of friends wanting a relaxing getaway with a taste of nature.

It is also our most high-end accommodations. 

The Bunkhouse

This unique, stable-like building is located just steps from the dining area and all major facilities. It has seven bedrooms, four bathrooms and three lounge areas surrounding the central hall with its clerestory ceiling. Each bedroom has a large window-wall faced with weathered barnwood and hand-plastered walls elsewhere.

The rooms are outfitted with a queen or twin beds, and covered with organic cotton sheets and thick Pendleton blankets. The shared bathrooms offer showers or a relaxing tub to soak away the day’s exertions. The sitting lounges provide a choice of places for conversation or reading in easy chairs, loveseats and couches. The bunkhouse is just steps away from the dining and recreation facilities. The Bunkhouse provides a rustic and pleasant stay for large groups wanting to explore the area.

Your Guide

David Gandelman

I like to connect energetic experience, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere in a group setting, so you can learn meditation, find your purpose on this planet, and live up to your true spiritual potential.

This year I'm celebrating 20 years of teaching meditation practice. And I'm ready to teach you everything I've learned, and hit you with some of my worst jokes. 

You can also find my work featured on the Insight Timer app, where it has been streamed for more than 30 million minutes. 

Meditation School is designed to bring you the most accessible, spiritually grounded meditation practice based on ancient transformational systems rooted in today's world. 

Whether you're new to meditation or a yogi living in a cave (how do you have wifi right now?), this program is here to help take your mediation practice, and life, to the next level. 

We at Parsley Health recommend David's work to all our patients as a great option to
learn meditation. I’ve been using his meditations for years, and his incredible sense of
humor and calm voice create a comfortable, calm space to meditate.

Dr. Robin Berzin

Founder of Parsley Health

David Gandelman’s Grounded Mind Program has made learning to meditate easy and accessible. Honestly, I can’t believe how quickly I was able to see progress – in my ability to calm my brain as well as my ability to handle stress. I have become a meditator after only four months of this one year program, and I look forward to my next meditation each week.

Beth Mckinney

Former Director of Cornell University Wellness Department

Grounded Mind has helped me dive deeper into my meditation practice. David's meditations have enabled me to stop taking my stress so seriously, move out old energy, and start to cultivate the new kind energy I want in my life. I even felt less tired and more energized at the end of the meditations, and I continue to use those tools daily

Andrea Rennie

Health Coach, Wellness Consultant, Yoga Teacher at GROW

Pricing Options

Discounted prices are until November 1st only.


Single Room



3 Monthly Payments of $2,216

1x Queen Bed Per Room

Accommodates 2 persons





Shared Room



3 Monthly Payments of $1,116

2x Twin Beds Per Room






Single Room



3 Monthly Payments of $2,050

1x Queen Bed Per Room

Accommodates 2 persons





Shared Room



3 Monthly Payments of $1,050

2x Twin Beds Per Room





Cancellation Policy
Due to the unpredictability of Covid, we will allow full refunds up until March 15th, 2022. 50% refund up to 30-days before the retreat. 

Photos From Our Last Retreat

We'd love to have you in our next retreat.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Venue

Dancing Spirit Ranch

This family owned ranch has a rich history going way back before they bought it over 25 years ago. Previously home to the Half Moon Mill, remnants of the past are often found throughout the property. From antique dinner plates, to railroad artifacts surfacing in the tilled crops, to the barn that we now congregate in today, this ranch is constantly merging the past with the present. Not only does each building hold a story, but many of the details scattered throughout hold one as well. There are many present day creations that you will find on the land that also hold great significance. With nature being their greatest inspiration, this family has dedicated their lives to the well being of this land. They grew organic crops for nearly 20 years; now only a couple alfalfa fields remain, while the rest of the land dances with forests, tall grasses, a gentle river and ponds.


If at any point you have a question, you can email us at [email protected] or fill up this form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.