Healing Shame

with Jamie Wozny

Holding onto feelings of shame, disappointment, self-judgment, insecurity, and self-consciousness can be painful. Join Jamie Wozny to start the new year off right, connected to that gorgeous,  authentic, light in you that is proud, loving, and filled with self-dignity.

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Manifesting journaling exercise. If you put that shame energy over there for a moment, who would you be and what would you do if you knew that you would love yourself, approve or, understand and offer yourself pride regardless….


We’ll walk through, somatic healing, tapping, journaling, Q&A and prayer, with a short manifesting meditation at the end to envision the version of you that is on the other side of shame so you can start calling in those energies for 2021. 

Shame is made of thought energy. 

We don't have to believe it.

  • We can heal it by letting the energy move w somatic experiencing, we can welcome it and feel it with love and compassion
  • We can tap on it and help the energy move

  •  We can journal about it, get it out on paper
  •  What insights do I see? Through lines? Is this actually true? If I take a moment to look, can I see pride or understanding or self dignity instead?
  •  Pray to heal our shame and choose to see its opposite 

Jamie Wozny

Soul Coach | Reiki Master | Meditation Guide

Jamie is a Transformational Coach, Reiki Master and Meditation Guide. She works with a variety of clients as well as large corporations. Jamie is a teacher at the Den Meditation, the popular meditation center in L.A. She holds retreats worldwide, has been a guest on the trendy Elissa Goodman Show and was interviewed by Ashely Tisdale as an expert on meditation and well being. She has been healing from anxiety and chronic illness and has learned about healing by connecting to her true nature.