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Develop Calm Presence

A deep sense of ease with yourself and your loved ones in this present moment

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That feeling of total fulfillment and acceptance of who you are in this lifetime

Live Your Life With Grounded Spirituality

A deeper and more personal connection with yourself, the world, and what lies beyond

Release Anxiety and Live On Purpose

Learn to find your own answers, let go of anxiety and create a meaningful life


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Your Guide

David Gandelman

David Gandelman is a spiritual teacher, author, and guide, whose mission is to awaken souls on their path of growing into being human, and living an enlightened, purpose-driven life.

He is the founder of the Meditation School app, and host of the Meditation School, Energy Matters, and Grounded Sleep podcasts. And his meditations have been streamed millions of times. He has taught at Cornell University, NBC Universal, SAP, and numerous other organizations.

David holds a B.A. in Western philosophy from Rutgers University, which combined with his studies in Eastern spiritual traditions living in the Himalayas, as well as his experience as the director of a school for intuitive development and mysticism in Hawaii, informs a teaching style that connects energetic experience, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor in order to create a safe atmosphere for people interested in learning to meditate and develop into their potential.

Featured in:

Your Hypnotherapist

Desi Ivanova

Desi is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She specializes in healing people on a deeper mind and soul level.

She helps individuals to transform their mindsets and change their life so they can impact more people, create their dream life, and feel completely fulfilled.

She have helped clients with depression, anxiety, stress, pain management, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, addictions, habits, sports performance, irritable bowel syndrome, weight loss, self-esteem, and confidence.

She knows exactly what clients need to have the biggest breakthroughs and results. It’s my mission to support individuals and change lives for the better.

Group Coaching

2022 Monthly Group Coaching


Ready to look at your deepest blocks and take life up a level with the 7 energies of the soul? Join me and an incredible group once a month for group coaching and meditation, where you'll work through some of your limiting beliefs and patterns to cultivate your energy and create a life worth living.


Meditation School Includes

  • Live 90-minute group coaching call and meditation class with David every month. Master the 7 essential energies in life, over come blocks and limiting patterns and up-level.

  • Live 60-minute hypnotherapy classes every month with Desi Ivanova. Lie on your back to release anxiety, reprogram your mind, and find stillness through hypno-journey meditations.

  • Live Zoom classes with David every 1st Monday, teaching you tools to take your meditation practice to the next level, manage energy, and deepen into inner-peace. Only members receive the recording. 
  • 12 Long-form Courses on meditation and spirituality, from beginner to advanced levels

  • Over 250 hours of recorded classes on healing, spirituality, meditation, money, relationships and more.

  • Mobile app available to stream on the go

  • Audio & video content to listen to or view

  • Online retreat in 2022 + a quarterly Q&A with David to develop your practice and ask any questions. 

  • Join A Community of like-minded spiritually free meditators to connect with


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  • BONUS #1: 7-Part Fundamentals of Meditation audio series to give you additional support in starting your meditation practice

  • BONUS #2: 7-Part Grounded Sleep series to help you get consistent nights of deep sleep.

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  • 300+ hours of pre-recorded content
  • All Live Classes & Recordings
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Fundamentals Of Meditation
  • Applied Meditation
  • Self Love & Relationships
  • Beginner Spirituality
  • Advanced Spirituality
  • Hypno Journey
  • Grounded Sleep

What actual students are saying...

"David Gandelman’s Grounded Mind Program has made learning to meditate easy and accessible. Honestly, I can’t believe how quickly I was able to see progress – in my ability to calm my brain as well as my ability to handle stress. I have become a meditator after only four months of this one year program, and I look forward to my next meditation each week."

"Finally a teacher that takes you deep without being woo-woo or boring. I’m actually excited to meditate and every topic is so right on point."

"Grounded Mind has helped me dive deeper into my meditation practice. David's meditations have enabled me to stop taking my stress so seriously, move out old energy, and start to cultivate the new kind energy I want in my life. I even felt less tired and more energized at the end of the meditations, and I continue to use those tools daily!"


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