Loneliness Meditation Series

with David Gandelman

Come sit with your loneliness and transform it into a healthy connection with life.


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Loneliness is a Doorway

In this four-part series, you'll learn to take that ache and pain around loneliness and heal it. You'll have the opportunity to move into a healthy solitude, and then recognize the oneness with life that sits at the center of that feeling of separateness. 


Your Guide

David Gandelman

I like to connect energetic experience, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere in a group setting, so you can learn meditation, find your purpose on this planet, and live up to your true spiritual potential.

This year I'm celebrating 20 years of teaching meditation practice. And I'm ready to teach you everything I've learned, and hit you with some of my worst jokes. 

You can also find my work featured on the Insight Timer app, where it has been streamed for more than 30 million minutes. 

Meditation School is designed to bring you the most accessible, spiritually grounded meditation practice based on ancient transformational systems rooted in today's world. 

Whether you're new to meditation or a yogi living in a cave (how do you have wifi right now?), this program is here to help take your mediation practice, and life, to the next level. 






What a beautiful meditation. Thank you for your compassion and wonderful sense of humor. You are a beautiful soul.


Virginia Beach, VA, USA

I was attracted to it, not thinking about being lonely per se. As David went on, I realized how I was in fact repressing loneliness unconsciously. I proceeded in my mind to feel so much more whole and connected. Realizing I was in that state lifted a big weight off my chest and I felt so much more attuned. Thank you!


Hay River, Canada

This meditation helped me accept and honor my feelings. Thank you!