The Art Of Releasing Energy

with David Gandelman

Let go of blockages, past traumas and personal limitations to step into your true spiritual potential. 

Thursday, July 29th

4:00pm - 4:45pm Pacific Time

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Let go and step into your spiritual potential

When energy gets stuck at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels, it holds us back from living our true potential. Energy can be old emotions, thought patterns, beliefs, and even subtle and dense energies that hold us back from connection with our true self. In this class, we learn skills to reconnect with our body’s subtle energy to release all that's no longer serving our lives. We explore how to ground, clear and align as well as how to finally let go. I will also teach how to tune-in to our energy fields, subtle anatomy and higher vibrational states to accelerate and integrate the releasing process.


Your Guide

David Gandelman

I like to connect energetic experience, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere in a group setting, so you can learn meditation, find your purpose on this planet, and live up to your true spiritual potential.

This year I'm celebrating 20 years of teaching meditation practice. And I'm ready to teach you everything I've learned, and hit you with some of my worst jokes. 

You can also find my work featured on the Insight Timer app, where it has been streamed for more than 30 million minutes. 

Meditation School is designed to bring you the most accessible, spiritually grounded meditation practice based on ancient transformational systems rooted in today's world. 

Whether you're new to meditation or a yogi living in a cave (how do you have wifi right now?), this program is here to help take your mediation practice, and life, to the next level. 



We at Parsley Health recommend David's work to all our patients as a great option to
learn meditation. I’ve been using his meditations for years, and his incredible sense of
humor and calm voice create a comfortable, calm space to meditate.

Dr. Robin Berzin

Founder of Parsley Health

David Gandelman’s Grounded Mind Program has made learning to meditate easy and accessible. Honestly, I can’t believe how quickly I was able to see progress – in my ability to calm my brain as well as my ability to handle stress. I have become a meditator after only four months of this one year program, and I look forward to my next meditation each week.

Beth Mckinney

Former Director of Cornell University Wellness Department

Grounded Mind has helped me dive deeper into my meditation practice. David's meditations have enabled me to stop taking my stress so seriously, move out old energy, and start to cultivate the new kind energy I want in my life. I even felt less tired and more energized at the end of the meditations, and I continue to use those tools daily

Andrea Rennie

Health Coach, Wellness Consultant, Yoga Teacher at GROW