Desi Ivanova - The Self Healer

The Self Healer

Join Desi for a Hypno Journey and energy healing practice called, The Self Healer. This powerful practice is great for deep healing at the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical levels. Explore healing at the source.

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You are your own Self Healer

With the right tools, we can heal our lives. Through this practice, I've learned to clear my own physical and emotional challenges, including many years of intense migraines. Our bodies lock into protective responses, and tend to repeat these cycles. However, everything our bodies do is meant to protect us. In this Hypno Journey, we learn to see our "blocks" clearly and let the subconscious know what no longer serves us, update our beliefs and responses in the present, and release blocks in our energy — healing ourselves at the root. I'm beyond excited to share a practice with you, as it's changed my life completely!



Your Guide

Desi Ivanova

Desi is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She specializes in healing people on a deeper mind and soul level.

She helps individuals to transform their mindsets and change their life so they can impact more people, create their dream life and feel completely fulfilled.

What People Have To Say About Desi

Chantal Follins

Desi is one of the most gifted and kind souls I’ve ever encountered. Sometimes I wonder if we knew each other in a previous life. From my very first session with Desi, she made me feel SAFE. This has always been hard for me, and she made me feel so comfortable. There was no judgement. There was no shame. She felt like home. She is so brilliant at making you feel at ease and her voice is so calming and warm. She is very intentional with her work and I leave every single session better and more aligned than I was before. I’m very intuitive and connected and Desi taps into that. She guides me to my subconscious and soooo many years of trauma and hardships have poured out. I’ve been working with her for a few months now and I can honestly say I’ve never felt this aligned with myself. Desi is sent from God, and I’m so incredibly honored our paths have crossed.


Nicole Johnson


Desi is truly an earth angel & the sweetest human‚Ě£ I was desperate to get help with my Anatomy, Physiology, & Biology memorization. I had tried everything possible. I follow her on IG & I love the look & feel of her page, as well as the uplifting content. Anyway, Desi was accommodating & so warm like a cozy blanket. Her voice was soft & soothing. She takes time to understand what your needs are, background & history. Then she takes you to the sunken place; jk, but she gently programs your mind, with your help to ensure you get what you need to change, correct, & or modify your thoughts, fears, & worries. You are taken to the best part of you; your subconscious where all your power lies.