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Are you ready to break free of anxiety, ground into a consistent meditation practice, and find inner-peace?


Are you ready to get some really deep sleep?


Explore energy and how if affects our daily lives.





Anxiety Slayer

The Power of Meditation and Energy Work for Anxiety Relief

Laugh, Lend and Eat

A Conversation with Cody and David

The Methodology

A Conversation with Cody and David

Business Intuition

Intuitive Development Through Meditation

HIListically Speaking with Hilary Russo

The Business of Being Zen

60 Mindful Minutes

Everything Meditation with David Gandelman

Reiki Radio Podcast

How to Enhance Your Intuition and Meditation, with David Gandelman

Eat. Play. Sex.

Episode 46: Attachment, Intuition, & Healing from Heartbreak with David Gandelman


Pocket Coach

Letting Go of Attachment with David Gandelman

The FitMind Podcast

Episode 9: David Gandelman - Modern Relationships

The MindThatEgo Podcast

Episode 2: Healing From Heartbreak with David Gandelman

Charmed Life with Tricia Carr

Episode 148: Are Psychic Predictions Real? | David Gandelman, Intuitive, Teacher, Podcaster

The Long Distance Love Bombs Podcast

Episode 55: David Gandelman - How do you stop taking life so seriously?

Best Night Ever!

Meditation Motivation - How To Elevate Your Mind With Spiritual Teacher David Gandelman 

The Soul Frequency Show

The Grounded Mind

Living Life In The Flow Zone Podcast

Episode 69: David Gandelman: Successful Business Development, Meditation & Self Awareness
Living Life In The Flow Zone Podcast

The Original Loretta Brown Show

Cody Edner & David Gandelman

The Pilgrimage of the Heart Interviews

Episode 17: David Gandelman

Mindfulness at Work

The Benefits of Meditation for Parents with David Gandelman

Spiritual Business Spotlight

Spiritual Business Spotlight Interviews David Gandelman

Enlightened AF

Hygienic to Highly Conscious Sleep


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