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The Seven Energies of the Soul audio meditation series is available for free on the Meditation School app for Apple users! Enjoy these guided meditations to bring the archetypal energies of your soul into balance and full expression.

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Ratings and Reviews

Wonderful teacher!

I have been following David for a few years. I have an “aha” moment during every single one of his teachings. His lightheartedness is wonderful! I learned to meditate from a man who used to tell us stories and laugh himself, before he got to the end. We sat there anxiously awaiting the end of his story. David’s stories, kind, gentle and often dad-joke approach is similar! He is welcoming and goes deep without you even realizing it! This app is great. Easy to navigate with so much information to pick and choose from!

Cara S M

So much more than meditation!

This app is for anyone who knows there is more to explore beyond what mainstream meditation apps provide. If you are curious about learning what lies beyond - this app is for you. David‘s fun and easy (and often hilarious) way of easing you in makes him a perfect guide.


Awesome, easy to use, great meditations!

I already loved David’s meditations and classes, but the app makes it easier to access them anytime. Love the way it is designed, easy to navigate.


Amazing Meditations!

If you are looking for fun meditations that really help release energy, this is the perfect app. David is a great teacher and always keeps the meditations amusing even when tackling deep subjects.


Love this app!!

Love David’s teachings and the app makes it super easy and accessible to review his offerings! Love how intuitive the app is to use!!


Amazing! Worth the Download!

David is the real deal. His classes are a blend of philosophical wisdom, everyday humanness, humor, and a touch of magic. :)

val rutka

The best meditation app

Meditation School is hands down the best meditation app I've come across. It's become a huge staple in my spiritual practice! David and Desi are top-tier teachers and hold my attention with ease. Love that the classes cover more then just meditation, but apply it to things like grounding, self healing, money and relationships, etc.

Matthew Jankauskas

Suits my learning style

Quicker with more options than the Kajabi app. . Simple layout works well in the morning. I'm drawn to the contents, suits my learning style. Starting my day laughing is so helpful to keep me growing

Peter Cullinan

Great app, great meditations!

Great app, great meditations! David is always so insightful but really down to earth and relatable. Also, never too too serious, which is a big help when doing the work. I'm incredibly grateful for this app, thanks David!

Jared Wade


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