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The 7 Energies of the Soul

Awaken Your Inner Creator, Healer, Warrior, Lover, Artist, Explorer and Master

This book offers a detailed guide to each ofĀ the seven archetypalĀ energies of the soul, as well as exercises and meditations to help youĀ understand your energetic strengths and weaknesses, and work toward spiritual and energetic balance. Spiritual masters throughout millennia have always taught that the answers to lifeā€™s most tangled questions lie within. In the pages of The Seven Energies of the Soul, that ancient path lies clearly before you. Read this book, and take your first step toward authentic, transformative awareness.


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Spiritual teachers throughout millennia have taught that the answers to life’s biggest questions lie within. Meditation instructor David Gandelman has helped thousands access their inner wisdom through his online and in-person classes. Now, for the first time in book form, he explains how the key to answering these big questions and others like them can be found in understanding the seven archetypal energies that are inherent in each one of us:

  • The Creator: Builder, Maker, Doer
  • The Healer: Sensitive, Empathic, Compassionate
  • The Warrior: Confident, Disciplined, Protective
  • The Lover: Nurturing, Caring, Romantic
  • The Explorer: Curious, Open-minded, Courageous
  • The Artist: Expressive, Original, Imaginative
  • The Master: Teaching, Truth-seeking, Introspective

While most people easily identify with one or two archetypes, according to Gandelman we actually possess all seven, and until we learn to access and nurture each energy within us our life can feel out-of-balance or unfulfilled.
The 7 Energies of the Soul offers a detailed guide to each of these critical energies and includes exercises and meditations that can help you evaluate your energetic strengths and weaknesses, find balance, and create a life that you love in the process.

Read this book and see yourself and others in an entirely new way.

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Free 21-Day Audio Meditation Series

The Seven Energies of the Soul comes with a companion audio meditation series! Each one of us possesses all seven of these energies in every moment, in much the same way that white light contains all colors of the rainbow just waiting to be expressed through a prism. However, some of our energy feels natural and in balance, while others are deficient or in excess. At certain times, one energy may take center stage and become a dominant theme in your life. Then you may find your center of gravity shifting toward a different energy. Enjoy these guided meditations to bring the archetypal energies of your soul into balance and full expression.


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David Gandelman

David is the founder of Meditation School, the host of the Energy Matters podcast, and a meditation instructor at Cornell University. With over 10 years of teaching experience, David has cultivated a program that connects energetic experience, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere for people interested in developing their natural spiritual abilities and tapping into their creative potential through meditation.


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