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The deep work starts here.



A 3-Month individualized program.

The deep work starts here.

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Is Coaching Right For Me?

Have you paid attention to the CEOs, the healers, the artists – the ones who truly stand out in their field? They've all done the deep inner work. They've learned to see beyond the surface and tap into something extraordinary. 

This work is about unlocking the power within you – the core of your most fulfilling and impactful work.

Coaching is an excellent fit if:

  • You're feeling stuck or overwhelmed and need support to move forward.

  • You're ready for change but aren't sure where to start.

  • You want to uncover your inner strength, wisdom, and potential.

  • You're looking for a tailored approach to personal development and spiritual growth.

  • You'd like business coaching and realize there is an energetic element to your success.

  • You want to learn meditation tools tailored for you in a one-to-one setting.

Real Change and Growth

I've spent my entire adult life meditating, teaching, and focusing on personal mastery and growth, and what I've found over the years is there is no substitute for direct, one-to-one attention from a teacher to help guide you, call you out when needed, and help reflect your blind-spots back to you. 

In my own life, whether it's been personal fitness lessons, piano, guitar, singing, business coaching, or meditation mentorship, I have never made as much progress on my own as I have in sessions with a teacher.

There is something special about a direct reflection from a teacher that you just can't replace....with a class, AI, or anything else. 

In our sessions together, we will focus on whatever we agree together are your goals, struggles, character flaws, blind-spots, and edges that need attention. You'll have to truly show up, be vulnerable, and ready to take difficult feedback. 

If you want to work with me, let's first find out if it's a good fit and go from there. You can fill out the form below. I only take 3 students at a time. 


Tracy L. Lawrence



As a coach, David is a true Unicorn. He meets you where you are, but he can also see where you are capable of going. Be prepared to go deep! Working with David has allowed me to grow my business and my life in general so that they are true expressions of my purpose on this earth. I am grateful to have him as my coach and to call him my friend.

Jill A.


“I’ve had several one-to-one sessions with David. Aside from being a phenomenal healer and intuitive he just brings a fun, lighthearted approach to his work which is so refreshing. With neutrality, insight, and lots of playfulness, he guides you to discover more of who you truly are and what is most aligned for you in that specific moment or circumstance.”

Kathy Tsapos Parmele, MD


“What I enjoy about David’s approach is that it’s lighthearted, fun (yet serious when it has to be), intuitive, and intelligent. He speaks from a layman’s perspective, which I appreciate since I was a bit intimidated about the idea of meeting with an energy healer and meditation teacher. I can honestly say that his guidance has tremendously impacted my life. I first started meditating when I reached burnout in my career as an emergency physician. Now, in retrospect, I think, “Thank God I reached burnout.” I otherwise would not have started meditating or met David.”

Dalini A.


“For being my Super Hero and helping me when I need clarity, healing, and communication with things that life brings my way. With your gifted ability to be able to see me makes me feel that everything is going to be ok. That all is good.”


If you want to grow, heal, and master meditation, this  is a great opportunity to sit and really do the work with me.



Begin Your Journey - Fill out the Application

By filling out this application form, you'll provide me with valuable insight into who you are and what you'd like to achieve during our time together, and to see if we're a good fit.

If I get a sense we're a good fit, we'll set up a 20 minute Zoom call to chat about your goals and get us started. 

Coaching Options

3 Months Coaching


2 monthly payments of $2,500

  • 10 sessions, 60 minutes each
  • Work on healing, growth, meditation, or business coaching
  • Unlimited email support with me (within reason)

6 Months Coaching


3 monthly payments of $3,316

  • 20 sessions, 60 minutes each
  • Work on healing, growth, meditation, or business coaching
  • Unlimited email support with me (within reason)
  • 1 year Meditation School membership