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Craft an event with profound impact that will truly engage and inspire your entire team.

Are you looking to raise the consciousness at your organization and have them learn powerful life skills and meditation tools? Let us know!

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Speaking & Teaching Possibilities 

Corporate Events

Is your corporation planning an in-person or virtual event and seeking a dynamic, insightful, and approachable personal growth author and meditation teacher? David offers depth and relatability, delivering content that resonates with diverse audiences. 


With years of experience teaching meditation at Cornell University and numerous respected organizations, David is skilled at addressing essential topics such as stress management, enhancing focus, uncovering purpose, igniting creativity, and cultivating inner-peace. 

Private Retreats

If your group or organization is considering hosting a private retreat, David's presence as a speaker and teacher can contribute to a rewarding and enriching experience. His teachings can equip your team with powerful tools for personal and professional development.


David provides coaching and counseling to a limited number of individuals each year. This personalized guidance can be an invaluable resource for anyone in your organization seeking to advance their personal growth journey, enhance job performance, or creative ideation

Curated Content

David can develop and record audio or video content, precisely tailored to the specific objectives, topics, or challenges your company faces. This custom-made content can serve as a consistent resource for your team's development, promoting a culture of continuous learning and progress.

Other Possibilities 

If you're envisioning a unique offering that hasn't been covered here, please feel free to connect with us. We are open to exploring and facilitating a variety of learning experiences.


"I have found that this pandemic has been kind of lonely for me and I don’t mean that in severe way. Like you know, I’m home now with my amazing wife and my amazing two kids and I have my family around me but there's a certain lack of social interaction that is missing from me. And so early in March for the first time ever i ended up just going to the guided tab in Insight Timer just because I kind of just wanted to hear someone else’s voice and i've actually been doing these guided meditations almost consistently since March now and they range from courses. I know you've talked about Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, David Gandelman, Sarah Blondin. They’re just some amazing guided meditation coaches on Insight Timer."

Companies and Organizations David has worked with:

"David Gandelman’s Meditation School has made learning to meditate easy and accessible. Honestly, I can’t believe how quickly I was able to see progress – in my ability to calm my brain as well as my ability to handle stress. I have become a meditator after only four months of this one year program, and I look forward to my next meditation each week."

- Beth McKinney

Former Director of Cornell University Wellness Department


In-Person Events

Even beyond his work with SAP and NBC, teaching at Cornell and University of Colorado, David has a lot of experience teaching and leading workshops.

He creates inspiring in-person events and workshops that fit the specific needs of your team or organization.

Get ready to learn, laugh, and level up with David's customized programs.

Virtual Events

As a globally recognized spiritual teacher, author and meditation guide with a knack for engaging audiences, David has an extraordinary skill set that allows him to excel in virtual events.

Throughout the pandemic, he crafted an innovative, engaging and personalized format that transformed his trainings into an immersive program. He is a true master of his craft.

David has hosted countless successful virtual events. 

You may also know David from Insight Timer App.

David Gandelman

David Gandelman is a spiritual teacher, author, and guide, whose mission is to awaken souls on their path of growing into being human, and living an enlightened, purpose-driven life.

He is the founder of the Meditation School app, and host of the Meditation School, Energy Matters, and Grounded Sleep podcasts. And his meditations have been streamed millions of times. He has taught at Cornell University, NBC Universal, SAP, and numerous other organizations.

David holds a B.A. in Western philosophy from Rutgers University, which combined with his studies in Eastern spiritual traditions living in the Himalayas, as well as his experience as the director of a school for intuitive development and mysticism in Hawaii, informs a teaching style that connects energetic experience, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor in order to create a safe atmosphere for people interested in learning to meditate and develop into their potential.

"We at Parsley Health recommend David's work to all our patients as a great option to learn meditation. I’ve been using his meditations for years, and his incredible sense of humor and calm voice create a comfortable, calm space to meditate."

- Dr. Robin Berzin

Founder of Parsley Health

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